Measurement in Social Life - Toward More Efficient User Interface


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A precision instrument and measurement technology is very important for the sensing systems to correctly perform the decision-making, extract the material, measure the distance, and so on. Also, an efficient user interface and the available and cheap devices are needed to spread the sensing system developed. As a result, more comfortable social life must be provided. This paper pays attention to the wireless remote controllers of the sensing systems, which exist around us ubiquitously but recently are becoming complex and various. Especially, the handicapped people or the elderly people are hard to operate the complex wireless remote controllers. This paper introduces our researches tackling these problems. The researches are mainly divided into two aspects, which are the generalization and customization and the utilization of the natural human actions. The first one tries to cope with both the generalization and the customization which are mutually exclusive. The generalization frees the developers from providing their own controllers and releases the users from having many different controllers. The customization provides their own controllers as the users like. The second one attempts to realize the operations by the natural human actions to provide the easy and intuitive controllers. Some case studies are shown. The further advances of the user interface for the sensing systems will provide more comfortable social life.



Edited by:

Qiancheng Zhao






S. Seiichi and A. Yamawaki, "Measurement in Social Life - Toward More Efficient User Interface", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 103, pp. 592-599, 2012

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September 2011




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