Advances in Precision Instrumentation and Measurement

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Authors: Jiang Feng, Run Jie Ding, Zhen Yu Xia
Abstract: WIFI with its flexibility and mobility is more and more attention, showing a great prospect. In view of the safety of tourist a kind of the wireless electronic ticket based on WIFI was designed. This ticket can be momentarily written in the tourist information and access the wireless network system. Using the localization technology based on WIFI we can know the tourist real-time track to ensure the life safety of tourist through the electronic ticket. Otherwise, the electronic tickets can be recycled, so it can save sheets and avoid to polluting environment accord with environmental protection and developing a low carbon economy needs.
Authors: Rui Wang, Yuan Bao Leng, Yang Zhou
Abstract: Resistivity imaging and other resistivity methods are widely used to detect hidden troubles in embankments. Embankments have complex shapes and are made by multiple materials. Finite Element Method (FEM) and other numerical methods are efficient ways to solve the forward problems of complex objects such as embankment. This article introduces how to use ANSYS to build a 3D embankment model and simulate the detection of internal erosion. We simulated the process of detecting a seepage channel in embankments by Wenner arrays and list the simulation results and parts of the APDL source program. ANSYS and APDL are very suitable tools to rapidly solve the forward problems of complex objects, such as embankment.
Authors: Jing Xin Deng, Xiao Ding Guo, Xiao Ke Chen, Zheng Mei Cheng
Abstract: The elevator has become an important vertical transport tool, its control effect of speed regulation attracted much attention. The structure of control system about low-level elevator was introduced. For starting and braking frequently and the load changes greatly, the traditional PI control strategy is difficult to achieve the desired control effect of the elevator. The fuzzy inference rule table was established which based on fuzzy control theory. The adaptive fuzzy PI controller was designed. The simulation research and application using the adaptive fuzzy PI control strategy in brushless DC motor systems was performed. The proposed method was validated through simulation control experiments and application that the adaptive fuzzy PI can satisfy the elevator high-performance speed requirements and have very good using value.
Authors: Qing Ming Zhang, Shuai Xu, Yuan Bao Leng
Abstract: Dike is an important component of Yellow River flood control system, but its security situation is not optimistic. High-density electrical method is an effective mean of dike typical diseases detection, we establish theoretical model to analyze the detection resolution effects of depth and scale changes of dike typical diseases on different detection devices of high-density electrical method, establish the correspondence of dike typical diseases and electrolog data.
Authors: Xin Zhen Yue, Lian Qing Zhu, Hao Meng, Qing Shan Chen, Yun Xiao Na
Abstract: Chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) is the combination of chemiluminescence system and immunoassay. CLIA is established as one of the best alternatives to conventional radioimmunoassay for the quantitation of low concentrations of analytes in complex samples. A high-performance CLIA control system based on the embedded microprocessor S3C2410A is presented in this paper. The system principle, the overall structure of the system, the control structure of the key functional blocks and the flow chart of the software are given. The hardware drivers and the application software are developed on the basis of S3C2410A. The experimental results show that the presented system is feasible in the clinical diagnosis and can be used in the automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer.
Authors: Yue Qiang Li, Ya Ke Liu
Abstract: With a large number of construction projects building in urban rail construction, it’s very necessary for researching on the construction axis. Construction axis of the subway is consisted of line segment, circular arc segment and transition curve. The paper introduces design models and algorithms of the tunnel boring machine (TBM) axis (DTA). By analyzing the DTA characteristics of each curve, summing up their general characters, we ultimately make a unified common algorithm and geodetic coordinate calculation model of the design axis in horizontal and vertical planes. It will be very useful for the process of underground construction.
Authors: Hong Fang Tian, Yan Hua Liu, Ying Hong Li
Abstract: With the development of Internet, IP has already taken the leading position of any kind of terminal utilization. In order to satisfy consumers’ growing requirements of broadband services,and make up for insufficiency of IP MAN in business management efficiency, data throughput, stability, maintenance difficulty and so on, improve information security of banks and governments, the article introduces a method of achieving Ethernet private line access to improve the information security and the quality of service of big consumer.
Authors: Feng Ling Li, Jian Hua Rong, Yu Ping Zhang
Abstract: Measuring rock stratum displacement in dam grouting process is very important. A new displacement system is designed, comprising a programmable microcontroller Atmega16, a new grating capacitive displacement sensor(GCDS), DS1302 real time clock chip and announciator etc. The system has high sampling rate of 9600 baud rate and can trap the displacement equal to 0.001 millimeter in one second. Equipped with mechanical conveyance system, the system can be applied to the civil engineer. The experiment results show the instrument can measure accurately the displacement value and alarm geologic disaster in time, which can conduct continuous and accurate monitoring and provide operation decisions for dam engineers.
Authors: Guo Hong Fu, Tian Chun Yang
Abstract: On the basis of presenting the piping and seepage detection by magnetic-electric prospecting method, the authors analyzed and testified validity of the method. According to calculated results, the magnitude of magnetic field of artificial current was smaller on section if electrodes and cables were set rationally. Usually, the magnetic field magnitude of piping had several times to more than decuple comparing with magnetic field of artificial current. So, the magnetic abnormity could be detected easily by high-precision magnetometers. At the same time, their curves’ characteristics were different evidently. The analysis result shows that the piping and seepage of dyke can be detected by combining method of direct current supplying and high-precision magnetic survey.
Authors: Serikawa Seiichi, Akira Yamawaki
Abstract: A precision instrument and measurement technology is very important for the sensing systems to correctly perform the decision-making, extract the material, measure the distance, and so on. Also, an efficient user interface and the available and cheap devices are needed to spread the sensing system developed. As a result, more comfortable social life must be provided. This paper pays attention to the wireless remote controllers of the sensing systems, which exist around us ubiquitously but recently are becoming complex and various. Especially, the handicapped people or the elderly people are hard to operate the complex wireless remote controllers. This paper introduces our researches tackling these problems. The researches are mainly divided into two aspects, which are the generalization and customization and the utilization of the natural human actions. The first one tries to cope with both the generalization and the customization which are mutually exclusive. The generalization frees the developers from providing their own controllers and releases the users from having many different controllers. The customization provides their own controllers as the users like. The second one attempts to realize the operations by the natural human actions to provide the easy and intuitive controllers. Some case studies are shown. The further advances of the user interface for the sensing systems will provide more comfortable social life.

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