Advances in Precision Instrumentation and Measurement

Volume 103

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Zhi Dai, Guo Qiang Han, Chao Yi Dong

Abstract: According to the unique advantages in image processing combining wavelet and fractal and the different ways of combination, a...

Authors: Jin Zhang, Jian Guo Ma

Abstract: Experimental investigation have been carried out for dissociation/ionisation of methyl bromide using time of flight mass spectrometer, and...

Authors: Hou Yun Yu, Wei Gong Zhang

Abstract: Machine vision perception technology is widely used in the vehicle’s active safety system. It provides more immediate and correct...

Authors: Yu Chan Xie, Zhi Gang Li, Yu Chi Lin

Abstract: A new pose determination method is presented, in which the ground bound is needed together with target body’s accurate geometric characters....

Authors: Ai Song Ju, Yun Bo Zhang, Wen Mei Hou

Abstract: A dual-beam heterodyne interferometer is designed in this paper. Unlike the Zeeman-effect laser, the two frequencies are generated by two...

Authors: Ye Fei Du, Ming Li Dong, Jun Wang, Peng Sun

Abstract: In the digital photogrammetry system, camera calibration is an essential part and its accuracy directly affects system accuracy. Because...

Authors: Yu Lou Peng, Yi Gang He, Bin Lin

Abstract: User-defined functional watermarking algorithm was presented based on contourlet transform field and Ellipse Curve Cryptography(ECC) spatial...

Authors: Ji Gang Wu, Kuan Fang He, Bin Qin

Abstract: Aiming at the edge detection of thin sheet part dimension inspection system based on machine vision, a contrast research on edge detection...

Authors: Hong Fang, Xin Bian, Xin Zhou, Ke Liu

Abstract: Wireless communications is one of the main industrial areas that require metrological support. However, Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), which...

Authors: Li Feng Chen, Xiao Ling Wu, Da Tong Qin, Ze Jun Wen

Abstract: A model for the transmission efficiency of the planetary gear train has been proposed based on the principle of energy. The network topology...


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