Advances in Precision Instrumentation and Measurement

Volume 103

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Song Bai Li, Yi Lun Liu

Abstract: In order to obtain the lubricating capabilityof screw rotary cylinder, its structural design and operation principle were introduced. Seven...

Authors: Hong Yao Ju

Abstract: The shortage of transmission link bandwidth limits the application of cloud computing. In this contribution a multilink dynamic aggregation...

Authors: Yuan Luo, Ti Wei Wei, Zheng Wei Tang, Wei Xi Kong

Abstract: As new generation of solid-state lighting source with green environmental protection, White LED has become the focus of attentions. Along...

Authors: Tong Le Xu, Xue Zheng Lang, Xin Yi Zhang, Xin Cai Pei

Abstract: Comparing with many modern signal processing methods in the bearing fault diagnosis, Hilbert-Huang transform is proposed which has good...

Authors: Tao Zan, Min Wang, Jian Zhong Hu, Xiao Liu

Abstract: This paper introduces a novel approach for mechanical manufacturing system to implement status monitoring and fault diagnosis. The embedded...

Authors: Hong Wei Guan, Yuan Li, Ying Dao Li, Shuo Li

Abstract: This paper introduces a modeling method of distributed control system, which is based on data. A subspace which can represent the key...

Authors: Zheng Mei Cheng, Xiao Ding Guo, Xiao Ke Chen, Jing Xin Deng

Abstract: The voltage stability of test power source system about small locomotive is poor, and the response speed is slow. The theory of adaptive...

Authors: Qing Ming Zhang, Shuai Xu, Yuan Bao Leng

Abstract: Dike is an important component of Yellow River flood control system, but its security situation is not optimistic. High-density electrical...

Authors: Lian Qing Zhu, Hong Li, Yun Xiao Na, Yang Kuan Guo, Ming Li Dong

Abstract: In the Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test, many steps need traces pipetting. The ELISA test results will be different when we...

Authors: Shu Yi Yang, Hong Qiang Liang, Guo Qing Hou, Ping Yu Zhu

Abstract: O-shape board finite element modal in the thickness measurement system is established based on ANSYS. O-shape board topological optimal...


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