Advances in Precision Instrumentation and Measurement

Volume 103

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zi Li Zhang, Jiang Yuan, Wei Hu Zhou, Ya Wei Wang, Yan Xu

Abstract: The laser tracking system is widely used in the large-scale measurement field in industry providing accurate spatial information of measured...

Authors: Ping Yu Zhu, Hua Lei, Yuan Bao Leng

Abstract: A monitoring structure has been designed to detect settlement using a tube with distributed optical fiber sensors inside. The strain of the...

Authors: Liu Jing Ji, Yan Ru Zhong, Hao Meng, Xue Xia

Abstract: In order to facilitate the information passing during the entire life cycle of products, ontology technology is introduced into the new...

Authors: Hao Meng, Yan Ru Zhong, Liu Jing Ji, Xue Xia

Abstract: It directly affects the functions and economic benefits of products to choose a fit of geometric product components. In order to meet these...

Authors: Xin Bian, Xin Zhou, Hong Fang, Ke Liu, Xiao Chuan Gan, Hai Ning Zhao, Ying An

Abstract: Propagation of uncertainty is a key factor in uncertainty evaluation. We propose a method using data visualization and numerical analysis...

Authors: Zai Luo, Quan Luo, Wei Jun Fan, Yi Lu, Bin Guo

Abstract: According to the enterprise standards of "assembly and test norms for ZQ2005 clutch booster", the test projects for comprehensive...

Authors: Xiao Yan Chen, Chao Yi Dong, Guang Zhi Dai

Abstract: The burning point of coal sample is a crucial physical property of coal, and it is also a key technical parameter for the exploitation,...

Authors: Feng Zou, Shan Chen

Abstract: Digital Camera is widely used in the evaluating system of the pixel luminance uniformity of LED display. The evaluating system of the pixel...

Authors: Wei Hong Zhong, Xiu Shui Ma, Ying Dao Li, Yuan Li

Abstract: In a contact measurement process, the coordinate measuring machine(CMM)probe will bring dynamic measurement error, therefore, dynamic...

Authors: Xiao Ping Hu, Fu Yong Zuo

Abstract: Studying methods of robot trajectory planning which based on polynomial and trapezoidal velocity profile in joint space. The trajectory of...


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