Advances in Precision Instrumentation and Measurement

Volume 103

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Zou, Jian Wu Wang

Abstract: In illuminance meter verification system, there are many factors that affect verification accuracy. If we can reduce or avoid these factors,...

Authors: Wei Jiang

Abstract: Now, a great deal of high tech weaponry are equipped for army, to ensure combat effectiveness of equipment in the Entire Life Cycle (ELC)...

Authors: Dong Qing Hao, Lian Qing Zhu, Zhi Kang Pan, Yang Kuan Guo, Qing Shan Chen

Abstract: Linear motor has a lot of merits, such as simple structure, fast dynamic response, high localization accuracy and great speed capability. It...

Authors: He Lian Deng, You Gang Xiao

Abstract: For improving the generality, expandability and accuracy, the general embedded intelligent monitoring system of tower crane is developed....

Authors: Ying Dao Li, Wei Hong Zhong, Hong Wei Guan, Xiu Shui Ma

Abstract: Negative pressure is the main control variable in scrap copper smelting process, the control of negative pressure is not only closely...

Authors: Hua Rong Hu, Shan Ming Luo, Lei Chen

Abstract: Based on space meshing theory, the coordinate relation between the hob and the gear is established using the general tool which is used to...

Authors: Peng Hao Hu, Zheng Qing Zhou, Qian Cheng Zhao

Abstract: In this paper a radius correction method called 4 points co-sphere and simulation for rotor measurement are discussed. The error of rotor...

Authors: Jun Jie Zhu, Lin Ma, Cheng Chen, Xu Feng

Abstract: This In the construction elevator with high-speed inverter based on the single-chip microcomputer and single speed sensor, the response of...

Authors: Wei Jun Fan, Lang Bin Jin, Yi Lu, Bin Guo

Abstract: Focusing on the present situation that the domestic research of vacuum booster performance testing is still at the starting stage, combined...

Authors: Qian Xing, Liao Liao Li, Jie Fang

Abstract: As the development of electronic technology and automotive industry, vehicle onboard computers are playing very important roles. Vehicle...


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