Advances in Precision Instrumentation and Measurement

Volume 103

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Zhang, Xiang Li, Yuan Luo

Abstract: Data-glove is one of the key technologies of Human-Robot Interaction and Human-Robot Interaction is important technology of robot research....

Authors: Ze Lun Li, Jian Gang Si, Zhi Cheng Huang

Abstract: A microwave resonator for the moisture instrument has been designed. The principles of the microwave resonator were analyzed theoretically...

Authors: Zhuo Fu, Yi Lun Liu, Xue Liu

Abstract: According to actual structure parameters and the technological parameters in an aluminum hot rolling production line, consider the rolling...

Authors: Bing Li, Xue Mei Qin, Bao Shan Shi

Abstract: Physics mechanics properties of polymer materials don’t only depend on their chemical constitution, molecular weight and distribution of...

Authors: Xian Qiong Zhao, Yi Lun Liu, Sheng Huang

Abstract: Ideally rolling parameter is symmetrical relative to rolling Hcenter lineH in the rolling process. When there is transverse asymmetry...

Authors: Xun Si Wang, Jie Sun, Qiu Hua Nie, Shi Xun Dai, Xiang Hua Zhang, Bruno Bureau, Catherine Boussard, Clément Conseil

Abstract: In order to decrease the impurity absorption bands of Ge-Se-Te chalcogenide glasses in IR region. Three different kinds of deoxidants...

Authors: Min Wang, Lei Hu, Tao Zan, Jian Zhong Hu, Xin Yun Zhang

Abstract: Precision grinding on brittle materials accomplished without generating subsurface fracture damage is called ductile-regime grinding. The...

Authors: Jie Meng, Xiao An Chen

Abstract: Experimental modal analysis is done to the grinding motorized spindle under 36000r/min. The corresponding theory and experimental plan are...

Authors: Jie Meng

Abstract: This paper presents a method of dynamic loading on high speed spindle used dynamometer. Based on the range of speed and power, considering...

Authors: Guo Ning Tang, Meng Peng, Wei Liu, Dan Ren

Abstract: Based on the understanding of discrete grinding-medium group dynamics model, this paper describes discrete body kinematics characters in the...


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