Uncertainty in Mechanical Engineering

Volume 104

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.104

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Authors: Krešimir Osman, Mario Štorga, Tino Stanković, Dorian Marjanović

Abstract: This paper proposes a Behaviour Prediction Framework with an objective to help designers tackling the problem of uncertainty emerging from...

Authors: Adrian Sichau, Stefan Ulbrich

Abstract: We present a second order approximation for the robust counterpart of general uncertain nonlinear programs with state equation given by a...

Authors: Dirk Vandepitte, David Moens

Abstract: Development of a complicated technical problem encompasses different successive decisions that are based on techical analysis and...

Authors: Roland Engelhardt, Jan F. Koenen, Matthias Brenneis, Hermann Kloberdanz, Andrea Bohn

Abstract: Today, a wide variety of methods to deal with uncertainty in load-carrying system exists. Thereby, uncertainty may result from not or only...

Authors: Wolfgang Graf, Jan Uwe Sickert

Abstract: The paper reviews the development of reliability assessment in structural analysis under consideration of the non-traditional uncertainty...

Authors: André Sprenger, Michael Haydn, Serge Ondoua, Lucia Mosch, Reiner Anderl

Abstract: Knowledge about future process properties is crucial for the development of safe and economic products with load carrying structures. Real...

Authors: Philipp Steinle, Martin Bohn

Abstract: In the early stages of the vehicle development basic decision for the future vehicle concepts are made. Anyhow not all information for a...

Authors: Martin Bohn, Fabian Wuttke

Abstract: In contrast to Robust Design applications for FEM-modeled parts, the simulation of a mechatronic system including both mechanical and...

Authors: Peter Groche, M. Kraft, S. Schmitt, S. Calmano, U. Lorenz, T. Ederer

Abstract: It is widely accepted that fluctuations in market demands and product life cycles are often unpredictable. Based on these uncertainties,...


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