Modal Analysis of Boring and Milling Machine


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The vibration is a high-precision machine tool components in the design of the major issues, facing its precision has a great influence, so column parts of its modal analysis is necessary. Creating three-dimensional finite element model of the column, using finite element analysis software ANSYS modal analysis of the column, which can reached the first five natural frequencies and mode shapes. Column Part of our understanding of dynamic performance and improve the machining accuracy is helpful. Modal analysis method is the dynamic performance of the column on the main approach, which mainly is to determine the vibration characteristics of the column that is the natural frequency and vibration mode, which we can determine the modes of processing accuracy, and thus the relevant parts of the machine column can be optimized so that it meet the requirements.



Edited by:

Paul P. Lin and Chunliang Zhang






J. D. Shang et al., "Modal Analysis of Boring and Milling Machine", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 105-107, pp. 204-207, 2012

Online since:

September 2011




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