Evaluation Method for Measurement Uncertainty of Antenna Surface Accuracy


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This paper describes the basic data process of antenna surface geometrical measurement and the quality evaluation indexes, which are surface accuracy and its uncertainty.The peak to peak value of normal deviation is used to characterize the surface accuracy,and its deviation is defined as its uncertainty.The measurement errors are given under repeated measuring conditions.Under repeated measuring conditions,the simulation method is that adding the measurement errors calculated by repeated measurement to theoretical coordinates.Under single measuring conditions, the first step is to convert the measurement data from the measuring coordinate system to the design coordinate system to get the transformation parameters;then use these parameters to convert theoretical coordinates to the measurement coordinate system;and then add measurement errors to transformed coordinates for simulation.The key point is adding measurement errors to the data which do not contain measurement errors.The simulation and actual measurement experiments of a Φ0.7 meter antenna were conducted,which showed that the method is correct.



Edited by:

Paul P. Lin and Chunliang Zhang






G. Li et al., "Evaluation Method for Measurement Uncertainty of Antenna Surface Accuracy", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 105-107, pp. 2063-2068, 2012

Online since:

September 2011




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