Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Volume 108

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Lin Zhang, He Ping Li, Shu Wu Zhang

Abstract: A BS process involves building a model of the background and extracting regions of the foreground (moving objects) with the assumptions that...

Authors: Tao Nie, Wei Qiang Liu

Abstract: To study the effects of wall thickness, rib height and groove width on cooling effect and pressure drop, three dimensional heat transfer of...

Authors: Yu Ying Zhu, Qiang Li, Yun Hua He, Ge Wang, Xing Hua Wang

Abstract: The Ti50Fe22Ni22Sn6 amorphous powder was prepared by mechanical alloying with a high-energy...

Authors: Hui Ying Tang, De Quan Shi, Yong Jun Zhao, Da Yong Li, Xu Dong Shi, Zhi Wei Gao

Abstract: In this paper, several methods for testing the filling capacity including mechanical test method, vacuum test method, electrometric method,...

Authors: Dong Mei Huang, Guo Jun Zhang, Song Xin Shi

Abstract: The Facility layout of flexible manufacturing workshop is designed under process principle, which is suitable for medium and small batch...

Authors: Xiao Hua Song, Dong Xiao Niu, Cai Qin Ye, Dong Liang Lu

Abstract: Power distribution engineering plays an important role in power system, whose construction quality directly impacts the investment income,...

Authors: A. Vatani Oskouei, F. Kiakojouri

Abstract: In this study, for behavior of steel plate which subjected to uniform blast loading the general purpose finite element software ABAQUS, was...

Authors: Hai Bo Lu, Wei Qiang Liu

Abstract: Forward-facing cavity mounted on the blunt nose of hypersonic vehicle is a good choice to reduce the stagnation heating. Presently, the...

Authors: Shao Jian He, Yi Qing Wang, Jun Lin, Li Qun Zhang

Abstract: Rubber/clay nanocomposites have been explored as alternative materials to replace expensive halogenated butyl rubber. In order to further...


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