Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Volume 108

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhan Wen Wu

Abstract: The license plate location method is the key technology of license plate recognition system, new algorithm is proposed based on LOG operator...

Authors: Hui Zhi Sun

Abstract: Abstract. Claim Management is a professional work; Order mode can decrease the demand difference between school and enterprise. There are...

Authors: Qiang Cheng, Dong Sheng Xuan, Jie Sun, Zhi Feng Liu

Abstract: Parts of geometric error coupled into space error is the main reason that affects machining accuracy of machine tools; therefore, how to...

Authors: Ke Huang, Zhi Yong Liang, Li Ping Zhang, Le Lu

Abstract: Contactless electrical energy transmission (CEET) system realizes power transmission with no electrical or physical connection by the...

Authors: Mohammad Hossein Kargarnovin, Mehdi Hashemi

Abstract: In this paper, the buckling analysis of a multilayered composite cylindrical shell which volume fraction of its fiber varies according to...

Authors: Ming Hai Yuan, Ze Zhong Wang

Abstract: On the basis of the analyzing of the criterion of the evaluation index, a comprehensive evaluation model for RAL (reconfigurable assembly...

Authors: Mei Yang, Qi Fang Bo, Xin Zhang

Abstract: Geometric shape is favored by designers of ideas and becomes the language of art which is never fade by its fade structures, crisp lines and...

Authors: Shao Jian He, Jun Lin

Abstract: Nanocomposites based on hyperbranched polymers and sodium montmorillonite were prepared over the full range of compositions. The XRD...

Authors: Ming Zhi Pan, Hong Xia Pan, Run Peng Zhao

Abstract: Aiming at the early fault diagnosis of the automata of small-caliber antiaircraft guns, a full set of theories and techniques for the early...

Authors: Jing Hua Fen, Wei Wen Hu

Abstract: This paper mainly describes the connotation and characteristics of the virtual prototype technology at home and abroad and its common...


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