Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Volume 108

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Bing Gao, Zhao Jian Yang

Abstract: Take one large miner high electric draught shearer for example. According to the lumped mass method, the gear’s moment of inertia of the...

Authors: Jia Xing Du, Shao Hui Miao, Bin Zhao, Hong Yun Li

Abstract: Ant Colony Algorithm (ACA) is a kind of excellent algorithm which solves the problem of combination optimization. However, there are a great...

Authors: Jin Sheng Sun, Li Ping Wang, Xu Yun Geng

Abstract: The Whole-cell patch clamp technique was used to study the properties of voltage dependent ion channel expressed by the cultured types A、B、C...

Authors: Chang Sheng Qiao, Kun Zhong, Hua Xuan Hao, Yuan Yuan Jia

Abstract: Plackett-burman (P-B) and response surface methodology (RSM) were used to optimize the conditions of Poly (β-L-malic acid) production by...

Authors: Yong Gang Li, Feng Ming Ma

Abstract: . Fusarium oxysporum is a soil-borne fungus that infects soybean roots and causes soybean root rot, a widespread and destructive soybean...

Authors: Xin Xin Li, Sheng Jun Xu, Xuan Zhe Zhang

Abstract: Seventy six isolates of Phytophthora infestans from North-West China was determined for the mating type, and an effective preservation...

Authors: Yi Shu Yang, Xiao Na Sun, Di Liu, Xiao Li Wang, Si Si Shen, Ze Lin Li, Yi Zeng

Abstract: Novel targets against HIV-1 are booming recently. APOBEC3G has the potential to inhibit the replication of HIV-1, while its antiviral...

Authors: Wen Bin Dong, Di Liu, Jin Yang, Xian Meng Xu

Abstract: The flavoniods and polyphenols were separated from Eucommia ulmoids leaves by resin, at last, four components containing different...

Authors: Xiang Feng Huang, Kai Ming Peng, Li Jun Lu, Jia Liu

Abstract: Biodemulsifier is one of the green demulsifier which could be hopeful used in crude oil industry. In this paper, pretreatment with...

Authors: Ping He, Jia Le Huang, Qing Cui Shi, Xiao Lin Li, Li Yuan, Qian Ru Zou

Abstract: Biodiesel is a renewable, easily biodegradable energy. However, due to the rising cost of its raw materials such as vegetable oils, using of...


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