Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Volume 108

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Da Song Lin, Kang Xin He, Qi Xing Zhou, Ye Li, Xiu Jie Xie, Yao Liu

Abstract: Chlortetracycline (CTC), antimicrobial chemical, is widely used to treat disease and protect the health of animals. As CTC is poorly...

Authors: Bing Hong Luo, Jing Yang, Chung En Hsu, Jian Hao Zhao, Chang Ren Zhou

Abstract: nanocomposites of poly (L-lactide) (PLLA) and hydroxyapatite (HAP) or surface grafted hydroxyapatite (g-HAP) were prepared by ultrafines...

Authors: Wei Dong Bai, Wen Hong Zhao, Zhou Min Lu, Xue Dan Cao, Zhong Liang Zhang

Abstract: In order to study the effects of Gibberellins (GA3) treatment on fresh-keeping effect and storage quality, provide theoretical foundation...

Authors: Yan Zhai Song, Shuang Liu, Mei Wen, Wei Huang, Xiang Li Song, Bei Guo

Abstract: Trehalose (α-D-glucopyranosyl-1,1-α-D-glucopyranoside) is a non-reducing disaccharide. It is currently thought that just trace level of...

Authors: Yan Qiu Wang, Yan Li Lv, Ming Jun Shan, Da Wei Pan

Abstract: The wastewater from the coke plant is of poor biodegradability with high concentrations of ammonia and organic pollutants. The engineering...

Authors: Pei Yong Lian, De Hui Zeng, Jin Ye Liu, Fan Ding, Zhi Wei Wu

Abstract: An improved understanding of changes in carbon storage of terrestrial ecosystems is very important for assessing the impacts of increasing...

Authors: Da Wei Pan, Ming Jun Shan, Yan Qiu Wang, Yan Li Lv

Abstract: Biological nutrient removal process is generally considered as the most efficient and cost-effective solution to deal with the pollution of...

Authors: Shuo Qian Liu, Na Tian, Zhong Hua Liu, Jia Nan Huang, Juan Li

Abstract: In order to discover the formation mechanism of carotenoid derived aroma, which has been wildly used on protection of crop against insect...

Authors: Yong Li Hu, Yan Feng Sun, Bao Cai Yin, Ming Quan Zhou

Abstract: The traditional craniofacial reconstruction methods construct the face shape according to the soft tissue thickness measured at a sparse set...

Authors: Tao Zhou

Abstract: This paper presents a low voltage amplifier with low noise and very low frequency designed for bio-signal processing. The amplifier requires...


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