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Authors: Shao Qiang Yuan, Guo Li Liang, Hui Bin Wu
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:Thermal simulation test, TEM(Transmission Electron Microscope) and nanobeam EDS techniques were used to investigate the dissolving and...
Authors: Hai Yan Sun, Zhen He, Ai Min Gong, Xiao Dong Wen, Yu Lin Peng, Fu Lai Wang
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:The shape, size and packing structure of the hydration products in the plain and fly ash (FA) cement pastes were conducted by the atomic...
Authors: Li Shuang Liu, Jun Liu, Yun Bo Shi
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:The numerical simulation that projectiles, which are different length-diameter ratio, different cone angle, penetratethe same steel target is...
Authors: Sheng Li Lv, Qing Na Zeng, Lei Jiang Yao, Liu Ding Chen, Xiao Yan Tong
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:The aim of this paper is to propose a microstructure modeling for prediction of thermal conductivity of plain weave C/SiC fibre bundles...
Authors: Min Li Wang, Zhi Wang Zheng, Li Xiao
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:Hot rolled 350MPa Grade structural hot dip galvanized steel sheets was used to study the effect of annealing process and cold reduction ratio...
Authors: Yan Li Li, Song Xiang, Hong Tao Zeng, Jiang Ping Wang, Quan Ding Wang
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:The corrosion behavior of 304L and 316L stainless steel have been investigated in 55 °C,85% food grade phosphoric acid solution by weight...
Authors: Shu You Wang, Jian Bing Men, Jian Wei Jiang
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:The influence of radial and axial boundary effect on penetration effect are calculated, numerical simulation are executed to compute the...
Authors: Jun Qing Liang, Shu Chao Guo, Ce Gao, Zhong Guo Du, Ling Li, Shuang Shuang Yang
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:Based on background, taking the engineering construction material information management system to replace the traditional artificial...
Authors: Li Mei Wang, Jun Bo Liu, Bao Xin Huang
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:Plasma cladding multi-lap joint alloying was attained on low carbon steel with self-designed Fe-Cr-C alloy powder by plasma cladding...
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