Features Extraction of CO2 Signal with Operational Conditions Adaptability


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A method for indirect online over-temperature detection of isolators in high voltage switchgear is proposed,which is based on Na Superionic Conductor CO2 sensor. The over-temperature detecting principle is put forward and an over-temperature detecting system based on the method is introduced. The reliability of over-temperature detection depends on signal noise ratio (SNR), but the sensor and signal processing determine the SNR of CO2 signal. Based on quantitative analysis, it is concluded that Na Superionic Conductor CO2 sensor has higher SNR. By signal processing, the necessity of moving average filter for SNR is demonstrated. A temperature compensation circuit is adopted to eliminate the influence of temperature. In view of the characteristics of rude signal, an appropriate method of real-time digital filtering is used to improve the Signal-to-Noise Ratio. The different features of the signal under over-temperature condition have been analyzed and compared to those under normal conditions. The paper introduces a reliable algorithm for identifying over-temperature detection based on sequential section differences. Experiments prove that the method is feasible.



Edited by:

Yongping Zhang, Linhua Zhou and Elwin Mao






J. Sun and W. G. Lin, "Features Extraction of CO2 Signal with Operational Conditions Adaptability", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 109, pp. 131-135, 2012

Online since:

October 2011





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