Emerging Systems for Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing

Volume 109

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.109

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Authors: Xiao Min Cheng, Zi Qing Ye, Xin Hua Yi

Abstract: Reverse Engineering of handicrafts refers to many aspects, such as data collection, data mergence of point clouds, surfaces reconstruction,...

Authors: Guo Liang Fan, Zhen Chong Wang, Yan Qin Zhao

Abstract: Underground mine surveillance can record the situation of coal production site timely and accurately. Because of the poor quality of air,...

Authors: Li Jun Tai, Ru Fu Hu, Han Zhao

Abstract: Under collaborative manufacturing the knowledge of manufacture enterprise is regard as representative knowledge resource.The knowledge class...

Authors: Wen Ying Wang, Ru Jiang Guo, Hui Yu, Si Rui Tian

Abstract: Spatial verification for object retrieval is often time-consuming and susceptible to viewpoint changes. In this paper, we propose a novel...

Authors: Jing Li, Hong Pan, Ling Fang Sun

Abstract: In order to make the evaluation of fouling countermeasures more scientific and objective,this article brings in a new method which is used...

Authors: Xiang Bo Ouyang, Wei Lu

Abstract: Simulation is the basis of planning design and optimal operation of tidal power plan. In this paper, a method of simulation modeling is...

Authors: Hai Xiao Lin, Xiao Chuan Ma, Wen Long Cai

Abstract: With the rapid development of Chinese economy construction, hv transmission line has become the main channel for long-distance power...

Authors: Jin Yun Zhou, Ji Sen Xu, Qing Hua Lin, Wen Yan Pei

Abstract: One kind of LED backlight module used for large-size TFT-LCD to apply in the direct illumination-type backlight source is designed by...

Authors: Ting Liang Guo, Hui Xia Zhang, Hong Juan Dai

Abstract: In this paper, introduces the ideal of green design and the technology of green manufacture in the process of ship building; analyzes the...

Authors: Yin Hui Ao, Zhen Xin Wu

Abstract: LED (Light Emitting Diode) has many excellent features as a new lighting device, and has been widely used by far. The structure and...


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