Emerging Systems for Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing

Volume 109

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.109

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Authors: Li Zheng Jiang, Wei Zhang, Miao Zhang

Abstract: The process technology of critical component (named arm part) was adopted through the analysis of structure features. The suitable fixture...

Authors: Yu Shan Deng, Yuan Yao, Shao Hui Wang

Abstract: Multi-point stretch forming (MPSF) is a new technique to form aircraft outer skin panel. Since multi-point die is composed by the discrete...

Authors: Xiang Hong Jin, Feng Shuang Han, Jin Liang Zhang, Hui Huang, Xin Wen Liu

Abstract: The gas flow field in hydrocyclone separator was numerically simulated by applying RSM turbulence model, and the gas flow velocity...

Authors: Ming Shun Yang, Yan Li, Qi Long Yuan, Jian Ming Zheng

Abstract: High-speed cold roll-beating is a near-net shaping technology in which with the characteristic of metal plastic forming used, revolving...

Authors: Zhong Xiu Yang, Xiao Bo Ren, Jia Tao Song, Wan Liang Wang

Abstract: This paper studied the schedule of lift-sliding stereo garages and proposed an effective schedule based on A* algorithm. The results show...

Authors: Xiu Ying Zhao, Hong Yu Wang, Cheng Zhi Yang, Hong Chao Wu

Abstract: This paper presents a new algorithm for the deinterleaving of radar signals, using the direction of arrival (DOA), carrier frequency (RF),...

Authors: Hong Xia Pan, Li Ming Sun

Abstract: The EMD method as a means of signal pre-processing is used to decompose the vibration signal of gearbox into a number of IMF components,...

Authors: Yan Dong Song

Abstract: Automatic transmission is the main part of the vehicle driving system, so it has much influence on the performance of the vehicle. Control...

Authors: Hui Da Duan, Yan Tao Tian, De Jun Liu

Abstract: A new sliding mode controller for trajectory tracking of ball and plate system is proposed. In the controller, a nonlinear observer which is...

Authors: Li Wei Hu, Yu Long Pei

Abstract: In road traffic circumstance, the ice-snow pavement brings obvious adverse influence to the motor vehicles safety. This paper analyzes the...


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