Emerging Systems for Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing

Volume 109

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.109

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Authors: Qun Luo, Kai He, He Mao, Jiu Hua Li, Quan Chang Li, Ru Xu Du

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical simulation approach to analyze high velocity waterjet characteristics and impact pressure. For the...

Authors: Yi Nong Zhao, Jia Bao Chen

Abstract: The loading-control effect of eddy current dynamometer was difficult improved by building a exact model because of the strong nonlinearity...

Authors: Fu Ying Yue, Hai Ou Liu, Jian Xin Peng

Abstract: This paper focuses on the calibration technology of AMT clutch control. A clutch control model for vehicle starting is established based on...

Authors: Qing Hua Li, Yue Guang Li, Chun Shan He

Abstract: Based on the test requirement of auto electric window lifter, using the control method of the machine-electron-liquid, the test equipment...

Authors: Shu Lan Zhang, Nan Qiao Zhang

Abstract: Looking up data mainly depends on the designer. Automation of looking up related data of charts, curve resource is a key to automatic design...

Authors: Wei Liu, Dong Mei Mu, Dao Li Huang, Ji Hao

Abstract: Due to its portability, mobile terminals (mobile phones and similar devices) have become an transfer of information, between people as well...

Authors: Hong Xing Zhang, Jin Shan Zhu, Ke Jia He, Zhao Xiao Wu

Abstract: Since some security flaws exist in the arp protocol, some network attacks may arise such as arp overflow, arp spoofing and so on. By...

Authors: Rong Song, Wen Chang Lang, Shu Wei Pan

Abstract: Against some problems which exist in the current embedded graphical user interface development such as low efficiency in the operating, poor...

Authors: Bo Wang, Shao Lan Yang

Abstract: This article deals with the general principles of airport collaborative decision making concept. The Euro control methodology of practical...

Authors: Bing Qun Ren, Jun Guo, Wei Zhou Zhong

Abstract: An efficient and convenience model of business process plays a crucial role in scientific project management. Existing Petri net models lack...


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