Emerging Systems for Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing

Volume 109

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.109

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Authors: Chun Mei Jia, Ling Hong Yu

Abstract: With China’s rapid economic development, people's demand is also further expand the logistics. The logistics from traditional logistics to...

Authors: Xiao Peng Hu, Wan Huang, Guo Min Shi

Abstract: In minimally invasive surgery (MIS), depth estimation is also one of the most essential challenges. With the urgent demands of improving...

Authors: Huan Xin Yao, Peng Cheng Niu

Abstract: In the curved surface molding of automobiles’ covering components, large amounts of data should first be sampled, and be fitted to curves...

Authors: Xian Lun Tang, Zheng Fan, Ya Nan Li, Lin Qin Cai

Abstract: An adaptive contract net protocol which can adapt to dynamic environment is proposed based on ant colony optimization algorithm. In the...

Authors: Xiao Ping Liu, Gui Yun Xu

Abstract: Hybrid discriminant analysis (HDA) can overcome small sample problems and outperform PCA and LDA by unifying principal component analysis...

Authors: Zhi Hua Tao, Lian Fa Yang, Xian Chang Mao

Abstract: Tube hydroforming (THF) is an efficient and economical technology of tube cool-plastic forming process. Loading path is one of the most...

Authors: Jin Bao He, Hong Chao Fan, Xin Hua Yi, Jia Fen Hu

Abstract: Formant frequency is one of important parameters for speech signal. This paper presents a new formant detection algorithm based on cepstrum....

Authors: Yong Chen

Abstract: According to multimedia advertising system has a problem of single function, advertising less for traditional, so designed and developed...

Authors: Pei Guo Hou, Hui Fen Gu, Yu Tian Wang

Abstract: This paper introduces the denoising theory based on wavelet threshold ,and it presents a new threshold function based on traditional soft...

Authors: Chun Qing Yang

Abstract: CNC Machine tools is an important tool in modern manufacturing technique. This paper analysis the use of the human size and human factors...


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