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Authors: Yu Zhi Jiang, Li Li Zhang, Yan Bo Li
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:The magnesium hydroxide (MH) whiskers / ABS composites were prepared by melt-extrusion with modified whiskers as filler. The mechanical...
Authors: Xiong Xin Hu
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:As an excellent material, Magnesium (Mg) alloy was widely used in automobile, IT product and aerospace industries. The magnesium alloy heater...
Authors: Peng Peng Huang, Hai Wen Liu
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:Considering the practical problems in the threshing and redrying production, in order to improve the manufacturing process quality, by using...
Authors: Ying Hua Ye, Wen Peng Liu, Bo Diao
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:Industry Foundation Class, which is an international standard Building Information Model (BIM) is adopted to archive and manage RC structure...
Authors: Yu Jing Lan, Yu De Liu, Yi Jian Sheng, Wen Tian Shi, Yuan Zhang, Yang Liu
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:Food waste is rich in nutrients. It can be disposed safely by biotechnology, which can make a contribution to environment, and avoid wasting...
Authors: Jin Hua Chen, Xiang Dong Huang
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:To improve the lower leg impact performance of the vehicle bumper in the collision of vehicle to pedestrian, the finite element (FE) model of...
Authors: Ming Jin Yang, Xi Wen Li, Tie Lin Shi
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:Fluid flowing of mixing is mathematically expressed as mapping. The Smale horseshoe map is a typical model for cohesive mixing, and has a...
Authors: Hyung Joon Bang, Soo Hyun Kim
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:This paper introduces a FBG (fiber Bragg grating) based AE (acoustic emission) sensing system for use in health monitoring of composite wind...
Authors: Soo Hyun Kim, Hyung Joon Bang
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Abstract:This paper provides an overview of the failure mode estimation result with 3D finite element (FE) analysis model of wind turbine blade. In...
Authors: Xiao Feng Tian, Wei Ke Zhang
Chapter 2: Fundamental Materials Science
Abstract:A fast and facile wet chemistry method has been developed for preparing monodispersed silver coated copper composite particles. Copper powder...
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