Emerging Systems for Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing

Volume 109

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.109

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Authors: Jun Bo Liu, Li Mei Wang, Bao Xin Huang

Abstract: On the base of orthogonal comparison tests, influences of many kinds of factors on plasma cladding crack sensibility were studied. The...

Authors: Hong Jie Zeng, Lai Qi Zhang, Jun Pin Lin, Shao Jie Zhang, Guo Liang Chen

Abstract: High Nb containing TiAl based alloys exhibit excellent corrosion resistance to molten zinc. They are expected to serve as the potential...

Authors: Xue Feng Lu, Pei Qing La, Xin Guo, Yu Peng Wei

Abstract: Microstructure and mechanical properties of epoxy resin/carbon black composites synthesized by in situ condensation polymerization of...

Authors: Huie Hu, Xiao Dong Kong, Zhen Hai Shao

Abstract: Soften behavior of 7050 aluminum alloy was investigated by high temperature compression tests conducted at 460 °C with different strain...

Authors: Dong Yan, Yong Jun Kang, Dan Zhang, Shao Peng Ma

Abstract: The difference of the pre-crack profile geometry could have a certain influence on the surface crack growth in rock materials. In this...

Authors: Li Huo, Yong Gang Du, Yong Mei Wang

Abstract: The cure kinetics for bisphenol A epoxy resin (BPAER) modified by liquid crystalline Sulfonyl...

Authors: Yu Li Shi, Qi Zhou, Li Yun Lv, Wang Hong

Abstract: A facile method for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles (NPs) has been developed by using sodium phosphate (Na3PO4) as stabilizing agents...

Authors: Xian Chao Wang, Yun Fei Yao, Chun Sheng Wang, Kang Zhe Wang

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to explore the allocation of lots of data-bit resource in a ternary optical computer (TOC). It analyzes...

Authors: Jian Lin Liu, Ke Sheng Wang, Xiao Wei Chen

Abstract: An new technological scheme for a two-step cold press forging of step holes in a thick metal sheet was proposed . Finite element analysis on...

Authors: Chun Lin Liu, Ke Sheng Wang

Abstract: The principle of group technology is presented in this paper. Similar machining pieces are grouped and processed according divided groups...


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