Analysis of Energy and Exergy of an Annealing Furnace


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Furnace is the most common and important part in metal industries. The useful concept of energy and exergy utilization is analyzed to investigate the energy and exergy efficiency, exergy losses, energy savings and cost benefit of an annealing furnace. The exergy efficiency of the combustor is found to be 47.05 %. The energy and exergy efficiencies of the annealing chamber are found to be 17.74 % and 12.86 % respectively. The overall energy and exergy efficiencies of the furnace are found to be 16.86 % and 7.30 % respectively. The annealing chamber is the major contributor for exergy destruction about 57 % of the annealing furnace. By using a heat recovery system from flue gas, about 8.11% of fuel can be saved within the payback period of less than 2 months.



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Wu Fan




M. Hasanuzzaman et al., "Analysis of Energy and Exergy of an Annealing Furnace", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 110-116, pp. 2156-2162, 2012

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October 2011




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