Advanced Cost-Efficient Production Scheduling in Hi-Tech Manufacturing Industry at Test Operation


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Rapid change in customer demand and aggressive business competition in high technology industry has driven the need for greater performance with lower price product under short product life cycle. This stimulates semiconductor manufacturing companies to pay much more attention to their cost control and production built strategy. Bad performance in shop-floor planning results in huge inventory, poor equipment efficiency, and therefore it would jeopardize the company sustainability. Consequently, the main objectives of an effective production planning intelligence are to maximize company benefits, meet customer expectation and improve production efficiency. This paper presents an algorithm of production loading plan that balances cost, meet customer delivery request and optimize production efficiency by considering all important constrained factors in manufacturing environment, namely test cost per hour, throughput rate, machine capacity and utilization, hardware set up matrix and limitation, the number of change-over and customer delivery date. The analysis is done by comparing the performance outcome with the common scheduling rules. The result of this new planning logic solution is proved to increase the effectiveness of the production scheduling plan based on available resources on hand and complex of constraint. It also decreases human interfere causing error in planning procedure.



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Wu Fan






T. Sillapa-Archa et al., "Advanced Cost-Efficient Production Scheduling in Hi-Tech Manufacturing Industry at Test Operation", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 110-116, pp. 3922-3929, 2012

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October 2011




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