The Application Effect Analysis of Lean Production in China


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Lean production, which is regarded as the third production mode after craft-ship and mass production mode, now is being applied widely by more and more enterprises. Toyota Motor Corporation as well as many other enterprises’s success has proved that lean production is one of the most scientific and advanced production models in the world. In order to upgrade management level and decrease technology gap with foreign enterprises, the enterprises of our country began to contact and learn lean production at the late of 1970s, but till now the relative study is far behind compared with that of western country. This situation has impeded the application and development of lean production in China. Pointed to this situation, this paper does application appraisal of lean production using data get by questionnaire. In the process of appraisal, data envelopment analysis is used to do analysis from the angle of relative efficiency. This method can weaken the impaction of enterprise’s scale and its development stage as well as other factors so the appraisal result will be more objective and impartial. In order to get reasonable and scientific analysis result, this paper does study using not only financial performance index but also non financial index, because traditional financial indexes cannot cover the traits of lean production. The quantitative anlysis result shows that lean production’s implementation has profound influence to upgrade enterprises’ relative efficiency.



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Wu Fan






H. L. Zhang et al., "The Application Effect Analysis of Lean Production in China", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 110-116, pp. 4057-4062, 2012

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October 2011




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