Research on Inverse Extrusion Process of High-Tin Wear-Resisting Cu-Sn-Pb-Ni Alloy


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Based on the high-tin wear-resisting Cu-Sn-Pb-Ni Alloy which the tin content is 9~11%, the inverse extrusion plastic forming experiments in the temperature range of 800°C~ 950°C were completed. The density and hardness of alloy castings were tested and the casting mircostructure was analyzed after plastic forming, which compared with the properties and microstructures of alloy casting prepared by traditional melt casting. The results show that the density and hardness of Cu-Sn-Pb-Ni alloy casting prepared by traditional melt casting are 8.8893g/cm3 and 116HB separately, the density and hardness has increased after inverse extrusion plastic forming in different tempretures, especially at 900°C the density and hardness reached the maximum values, 9.0409g/cm3 and 139HB respectively. Compared with the as-cast microstructure is mainly obvious dendrite structure which are α solid solution and eutectoid(α+δ), The as-extruded of alloy exhibit better propertief and its grain are obviously refined and densed. Within the range of experiments, the best inverse extrusion plastic forming tempreture is at 900°C.



Edited by:

Huixuan Zhang, Ye Han, Fuxiao Chen and Jiuba Wen




Y. J. Zhou et al., "Research on Inverse Extrusion Process of High-Tin Wear-Resisting Cu-Sn-Pb-Ni Alloy", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 117-119, pp. 1052-1056, 2012

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October 2011




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