Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: An Zhi Yan, Qi Kong, Jing Jing Lu

Abstract: A new semi-active MR-TMD control device, which is consisted of TMD which take the gasifier as the damper mass and a magneto-rheological...

Authors: Mohammad Iqbal Khan

Abstract: The evaluation of the tensile strength and determination of the tensile stress-strain curve using indirect tests becomes approximate hence...

Authors: Cai Yun Guan, You Ming Chen, Wen Jie Qin

Abstract: This paper presents the development of a dynamic model of the valve train of one engine. During the parameter determination of the model,...

Authors: Hong Lu, Hong Sheng Li, Shu Min Fei, Wei Feng Cao

Abstract: To handle occlusion and accumulation error in tracking procedure, a novel method is proposed. Firstly, the object feature is modeled with...

Authors: Chu Shu Zhang, Qing Li Yang, Ji Chao Mou, Zhi Qiang Liu, Li Na Yu, Jie Sun, Jie Bi

Abstract: The choice and consumption of emulsifier and stabilizer are one of the main factors affecting stability for peanut mango milk. The...

Authors: Wu Jian Li, Rui Bo Hu, Xi Ye, Na Li, Hui Chen

Abstract: Today, the inheritance and protection of national culture become increasingly prominent. The findings can be seen that worship plays an...

Authors: Tian He, Xian Dong Liu, Ying Chun Shan, Qiang Pan

Abstract: A method to extract rolling element fault characteristics from fault signal, based on local mean decomposition (LMD) and Fourier transform...

Authors: Long Chen, Li Xun Cai, Di Yao

Abstract: Abstract: Based on the cyclic elasto-plastic HRR field near the crack tip under the cyclic loading, combined with the Manson-Coffin theory,...

Authors: Shao Jun Fu, Chuan Cheng Zhu, Zhen Ke Huang

Abstract: On the base of studying on mechanism of the deformation and bearing capacity of vibro-replacement stone column foundation thoroughly, the...


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