Product Design and Manufacture

Volume 120

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Qiang Zhao, Peng Liu, Min Fei Shu, Guo Chen Wen

Abstract: Based on assumed condition, this paper sets up the digital simulation model and basic movement equations of a new hydraulic impactor’s...

Authors: Surasak Suranuntchai, Prarop Kritboonyarit

Abstract: The purpose of the present research is to investigate and improve the quality of car brake booster deformed under drawing processes by using...

Authors: Chun Xiang Wang, Fan Juan Meng, Jing Qiang Zhang

Abstract: In order to obtain 3D solid model of an Oerlikon system’s prolate epicycloidal bevel gear by full generating processing, the solid modeling...

Authors: Mei Nan Chen, Wen Hui Tang, Bo Yang, Xing Jun Hu

Abstract: The objective of this research is to design a set of front and rear wings that can help maximize the down-force to enhance the aerodynamic...

Authors: Cai Xia Zhao, Fei Tang, Shu Zhe Li, Xiao Hao Wang

Abstract: Corner radius end mill, whose cutting capability is mostly affected by the relief surface, is a kind of highly effective end mill [1]. So a...

Authors: Wahab Saidin, Noraniah Kassim, Yusri Yusof, Zainul Ahmad Rajion

Abstract: This paper presents the research on manufacturing for full denture components. The aim is to develop a new manufacturing procedure for the...

Authors: Han Wu Liu, Shan Ping Zhan, Yun Hui Du, Peng Zhang

Abstract: According to the principle and the type of the oil pipeline corrosion, we use the square wave of wide spectrum, strong signal transmission...

Authors: Qun Zhang Tu, Long Qin, Jv Ying Dai

Abstract: The principle of stereoscopic display technology,the software and hardware framework for single-channel passive stereoscopic display and the...

Authors: Zhi Jian Gou, Hai Ying Yu, Yong Kang Niu, Yan Chao Xie

Abstract: With the continuous development of industrial robot application, it becomes very important for the solution of reachable space in the...


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