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Authors: Yan Chun Xia, Bao Cao
Chapter 3: Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:In the trial-produce process of the CSA804 compressor, it was found that the appearance was not very good after riveting the top cylinder...
Authors: Shi Zhong Wei, Liu Jie Xu, Guo Shang Zhang, Ji Wen Li, Bao Zhu Dai
Chapter 3: Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:Mo-based composites with Al2O3 particles were developed in order to enhance the wear resistance of molybdenum alloys....
Authors: Chun Feng, Zhao Xi Shen, Yan Kang Zheng
Chapter 3: Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:The mechanical properties and microstructure of Mn-series bainitic steel as 5Mn2SiNbTi after air cooling and tempering have been investigated...
Authors: Yao Gui Wang, Quan An Li, Qing Zhang
Chapter 3: Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:The effects of antimony on the mechanical properties of magnesium alloy ZA63 have been investigated. The results show that the addition of...
Authors: Shan Cong, Bao Zhu Ke
Chapter 3: Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:7 sorts of modal/cotton blended yarns were prepared with different blending ratio. This article studies the relationship between the wear...
Authors: Jun Ji, Hou De Han
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:The inside temperature monitoring system of marine reefer containers based on RFID is developed to make up for the shortcomings that the...
Authors: Lin Hui Zhao, Jian Cheng Zhang
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:Force-feedback information is usful for micro-assembly system to enhence its contact sensing capability. On the basis of this view, a 3D...
Authors: Xin Li Hu, Jing Kang Gui, Ce Zhou Zhao
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:A technical design and implementation method of a ionizing radiation testing system, which is especially applicable to conduct experiments of...
Authors: Yu Ning Zhong, Li Xia Zeng, Shan Ting Ding, Xiao Li Zhang
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:With the object of optical sensor detects the position of the sun, the working principle of the sun position detection system based on four...
Authors: Qi Xia Jian, Jun Wang, Kai Yuan, Zi Qiu Peng, Ya Dong Jiang
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:Micro-bolometer using double sacrificial layers with smaller pixel size and higher resolution has been a new trend for microbolometers....
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