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Authors: Yi Wen Kong, Ke Feng, Zhi Wei Han, Jian Feng Cao
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:Through the one-month intense industrial test, the CISDI packaged soft-reduction technology of slab continuous casting has been put into...
Authors: You Jie Zhou, Chun Hua Xiong, Chang Bo Lu
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:A novel combination of single-electron transistors (SET) with MOS transistors is advanced to create inverter, which, compared with the pure...
Authors: Hua Fang Sun, Shu Fang Lu, Shu Li Chen
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:Abstract: Causes of defects in common image scaling algorithms are summed up at first in this paper. Then a new image scaling algorithm based...
Authors: Guang Zheng Wang, Wen Xing Wang
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:This article describes the small synchronous generator excitation control device characteristics and working principle is proposed based on...
Authors: Yi Jie Zhang, Fei Yuan, Jie Sun, Juan Feng Jin, Feng Yuan Zou
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:Using Martin Meter from Japan to measure 110 young women body. Using SPSS software for correlation analysis of measurement data, then...
Authors: Yue Rong Zhang, Yong Wang, Cheng De Li
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:In the research of the flow field about a control valve in the method of CFD (Compute Fluid Dynamics), the process of 3-D molding is...
Authors: Ri Dong Bao
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:The chaotic motion of a single mode system of the fixed supported pipe at two ends under the base excitation was actively controlled by...
Authors: Xiao Ming Hou, Xing Juan Zhang
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:A kind of digital pressure control project is put forward to solve the problem of pressure fluctuation inside the carriage by using the...
Authors: An Lin Wang, Zhong Qiu Shi, Yu Qin Hu, Cai Xing Yuan
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:In order to solve the problem of the response time of concrete pump distribution circuit unmatching pumping construcution requirement,which...
Authors: D. H Zhang, T. Mei, D.Y. Tang, X. C. Yuan, T. P. Chen
Chapter 4: Equipment Manufacturing
Abstract:We present the main results achieved in light source, light manipulation and imaging and sensing in our competitive research program. In...
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