Product Design and Manufacture

Volume 120

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Elim Liu, Wei Wang

Abstract: The cultural and creative industry is an emerging industry globally. However, due to the intangible nature of cultual content, few...

Authors: Yan Li Yuan, Tian Min Guan, Xiao Ying Tong, Lei Lei

Abstract: Wheelchair is an important tool for those persons with physical disabilities to rehabilitation, work, daily life and so on, and comfort is...

Authors: Xiao Min Cheng, Cun Jie Liao, Zi Qing Ye

Abstract: Data collection and processing of human faces are hot spots of reverse engineering. This paper studies the data collection of human faces,...

Authors: Jing Ming Lu, Ming Li, Li Jiao Wei, Jin Li Wang, De Qing Song, Jin Zhang, Yi Guo Deng

Abstract: After studying and analyzing the types of cutter roller’s movable blades, various arrangements and layouts of movable blades and structures...

Authors: Shao Hua Shen, Xiang Dong Shi, Ying Cai Yuan

Abstract: The conjugate cam is used to actuate the platform organization of the die-cutting machine based on raises the die cutting speed, the...

Authors: Cheng Qian, Yong Li Chen, He Jiao, Chong Shen, Hui Yan, Ming Quan Wu, Li Qing Chen

Abstract: In this paper,through combination research methods of Gambit modeling and Fuent solving,we has received the curve of nozzle pressure vector,...

Authors: Hai Bin Sun, Ting Ting Liu

Abstract: Theoretical mechanics education played an important role in developing undergraduates’ knowledge and ability. Test is a main method to...

Authors: Qiang Shao, Chang Jian Feng

Abstract: To distinguish chatter gestation, chatter recognition method based on hybrid PCA(Principal Compenent Analysis) and SVM(Support Vector...

Authors: Fei Zhang, Dong Qiang Gao, Zhi Yun Mao, Jiang Miao Yi, Huan Lin

Abstract: In order to meet high-speed machining center’s overall performance requirements, there are four different worktable structures established...

Authors: Benoit Lacroix, Zhao Heng Liu, Patrice Seers

Abstract: This paper proposes a comparison study of two vehicle stability control methods by direct yaw-moment control (DYC): a PID and a sliding...


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