Product Design and Manufacture

Volume 120

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Jiao Yang, Hui Luo, Jian Yong Dai, Chang Zhen Wu

Abstract: Panel mining requires constructing lots of artificial pillars in underground metal mines. Along with the development of the mining process...

Authors: Wei Hao Zhang, Ke Tian Li

Abstract: A turntable device that can work in spray rack is introduced in this paper. The device can drive the workpieces hanging in the turntable...

Authors: Hai Yu Wang

Abstract: This paper mainly studied to building multivariate control charts of multi-dots alarm rules. For different multi-dots alarm rules, control...

Authors: Xian Hui Li, Yu Jun Xue, De Ying Zhang, Ji Shun Li

Abstract: The Ni-Nd2O3 nanocomposite coatings were prepared by electrodeposition with different modes of ultrasound action. The...

Authors: Guang Xia Chen, Kai Guang

Abstract: The primary goal of this research is the fabrication and measure of metal part made by SLM (selective laser melting) system. The SLM system...

Authors: Jun Wang, Zhi Wei Sun

Abstract: Innovation of material and function represents the direction of contemporary architecture template development. Based on the study results...

Authors: Li Sun, Ai Qiao Sun, Zi Qin Ma, Xiu Lun Wang, Jian Min Fan, Ting Ting Xu

Abstract: Based on the research of process management level evaluation , it proposed evaluation index system of process management level, established...

Authors: Xing Quan Shen, Yao Ming Li, Hai Jiao Zhang

Abstract: Single-edge rigid reaming process has high-speed cutting rigid hinge processing, auto-oriented, low surface roughness of a series of...

Authors: Yan Chun Xia, Dong Xiao

Abstract: Motor is the key part of the air conditioner compressor. And the production process of the motor will often encounter some quality defects....

Authors: Yun Hai Jia

Abstract: The samples of Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) cutting tool were machined by adjusting the main parameters of electrical...


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