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Volume 120

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Authors: Dao Zhai Yang, Hong Xin Zhang, Tie Zhu Zhang

Abstract: Three cylinder HCPE integrates the advantages of HFPE and engine driving plunger pump system, whose structure is compact, energy...

Authors: Jun Zhong Guo, Tian Tian Cai, Jun Ping Yang

Abstract: In order to analyze the influence on the motion state of on-off pressure mechanism with flexible link of offset press, pneumatic on-off...

Authors: Li Hua Wang, Guang Wei Liu, An Ning Huang, Ya Yu Huang

Abstract: Bogie is one of the major critical components of the dynamic track stabilizer, and its vibration characteristics will affect the dynamic...

Authors: Ying Cai Yuan, Yan Li, Xin Liu

Abstract: The pair clearance is inevitably exists in the mechanical system. With the speed of mechanical system increasing, clearance does harm to the...

Authors: Hai Tao Wang, Shi Feng Xu, Li Ping Huang

Abstract: The bearing support breakage of screw coal powder conveyor in power plant boiler went through four stages: axial displacement of shaft...

Authors: Chuan Yin Tang, Xin Yu Hou, Hua Yin, Ying Zhang

Abstract: Based on the bond graph theory, the acquisition of state equation of vehicle suspension is presented. Set an example to a five degrees of...

Authors: Xiao Biao Shan, Li Li Wang, Tao Xie, Wei Shan Chen

Abstract: This paper firstly presented a mathematical model of the radial stiffness of a wire race ball bearing in a certain type of three-axis...

Authors: Bin Xu, Xiao Yu Wu, Shi Quan Ling, Kai Yi, Feng Luo, Chen Lin Du, Xiu Quan Sun

Abstract: In order to research the ablation of 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel films whose thickness is 20μm, stainless steel films were ablated and...

Authors: Ming Jian Lu, Hai Peng Geng, Guo Hui Xu, Yu Lie

Abstract: Disc-rotor is composed of certain number of discs which are fastened as a single-shaft rotor by tie-rods. The rods must be very carefully...

Authors: Zheng Yuan, Yi Fan Dai, Hao Yu, Xu Hui Xie, Lin Zhou

Abstract: During ion beam figuring process, most heat energy is absorbed by optics surface, heating the workpiece surface un-uniformly, called thermal...


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