Product Design and Manufacture

Volume 120

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Qi Li, Li Jun Yang, Yang Wang

Abstract: Titanium is a class of material difficult to common machine. Laser processing is a feasible method for machining of titanium. This paper...

Authors: Xiang Zhang, Yi Yong Huang, Wei Han, Xiao Qian Chen

Abstract: The issue considered in this paper is a flexible beam based on space probe-cone docking mechanism, which aims to buffer impact effects...

Authors: Jin Zhi Feng, Jiang Tao Song, Wei Hua Zhu

Abstract: Based on Multi-body system Dynamic theory, front suspension model is established by using ADAMS/Car, and then the validation is finished...

Authors: Ji Cai Kuai

Abstract: The electrolytic in-process dressing (ELID) technology was combined with ultrasonic honing technology and ELID-ultrasonic honing system was...

Authors: Chang Bing Chen, Duo Ci Wang

Abstract: Engineering construction counterclaim occupy a very important position in the construction project cost management, is also a key part in...

Authors: Zeng Qiang Li, Jun Zhang, Guang Yuan Liu

Abstract: To sort different sizes of apples, a kind of passive grab cable-driven of flexible manipulator is designed. Each finger consists two single...

Authors: Bin Bin Hua, Ji Sheng Ma, Da Lin Wu

Abstract: In order to check the strength of a naval gun bracket, the model was established in CAD software firstly, and then exported into finite...

Authors: Ze Li, Li Xiang Zhang

Abstract: The earthquake-resistance performance of gravity dam is an important indicator of dam safety. The earthquake-resistance performance of...

Authors: Yi Wang, Juan Li, Kun Song, Bin Qiang Ye

Abstract: Studied the basic properties of artificial granite composite, and with the basic properties of cast iron materials were compared; for...

Authors: Feng Wang, Li Xin Jia

Abstract: The speed signal of engine contains abundant information. This paper introduces rough set theory for feature extraction from engine's speed...


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