High-Accuracy Shape Construction of Porcelain and Exhibiting on Web


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The key of 3D measurement technology based on coded structured light for high-accuracy reconstruction of porcelain exhibited on Web, is to ensure measurement accuracy and anti-interference capability on high reflectance surface. So an edge Gray code method for structured light system and related technologies are proposed under interference by high reflectance ratio and color of measured surface. Firstly, encoding and decoding principles by Gray code stripe edge reduce theoretical quantization error and decoding error against traditional Gray code, so measurement accuracy is improved. Secondly, stripe edge sub-pixel location method based on grey curve intersecting points is designed to reduce edge location error caused by diffusion from white stripe to black stripe. Measurement system was established according to mathematic model. Experimental results show that error of measured high reflectance unicolor standard plane is 0.60.8mm, and reconstructed porcelain shape has same visual effect as the real one. Finally, based on Java 3D, interactively exhibiting on Web was explored.



Edited by:

Dongye Sun, Wen-Pei Sung and Ran Chen






H. B. Wu et al., "High-Accuracy Shape Construction of Porcelain and Exhibiting on Web", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 121-126, pp. 2774-2778, 2012

Online since:

October 2011




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