The Fatigue and Degradation Mechanisms of Wire Ropes Bending-over-Sheaves


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Fatigue failure behaviors caused by wire ropes bending-over-sheaves are discussed in the paper. Stress conditions of wire ropes bending-over-sheaves and the mechanism of damage to wire rope caused by fleet angel and angle of wrap is analyzed, the fatigue failure mechanism of wire ropes is investigated in the paper. The investigation indicates that the load and the mechanical damage of ropes bending-over-sheaves is very complex, and the fatigue failure of ropes bending-over-sheaves is the result of combined action of bending fatigue and various kinds of damage. The research will have implications to design and use of wire rope.



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Quanjie Gao






Z. H. Hu and J. Q. Hu, "The Fatigue and Degradation Mechanisms of Wire Ropes Bending-over-Sheaves", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 127, pp. 344-349, 2012

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October 2011




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