A Design of Pulse-Wave Data Collection System


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In this paper, a newly design of pulse-wave data collection system continuously and non-invasion by using the means of clip-on transmission oxygen sensor for getting information of pulse-wave, using the wave can calculate a number of important parameters of blood, it may solve the problem of real-time, continuous and dynamic blood flow monitoring in clinic, This design use sensor to get photoelectric volume pulse wave then the signal through amplification and filter circuit ,after then it is sent to A / D converter and DSP. The powerful instruction functions and fast processing speed DSP makes this design can quickly and easily detect the pulse wave signal. This design not only used for clinical care, but also can be used for community or family health care on detection of cardiovascular blood flow. This design can make the telemedicine care ture by DSP and the PC communication, It provides a simple and easy method to monitor the pulse-wave signal .



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Quanjie Gao






X. H. Zhang and X. L. Zhao, "A Design of Pulse-Wave Data Collection System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 127, pp. 48-52, 2012

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October 2011




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