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Authors: Jing Hu Yu, Gang Pei, Yin Zhi Zhang
Chapter 1: Numbers, Intelligence
Abstract:A bionic chewing robot was designed to measure the mechanical properties of food, and the measuring mechanical properties of food include...
Authors: Chun Yuan Bian, Rui Xia Cao, Yong Kui Man, Chong Hui Song
Chapter 1: Numbers, Intelligence
Abstract:In the vector control the time constant of rotor changes will affect the system, generally required online identification. This paper puts...
Authors: Qi Yan Yan, Yong Qiu Liu
Chapter 1: Numbers, Intelligence
Abstract:We propose a real-time prediction method based on PCA and improved multi-step Elman net. The method not only preserves most original data...
Authors: Xiang Li, Xiao Hui Zhang
Chapter 1: Numbers, Intelligence
Abstract:Large aperture collimator which has been widely used for calibrating and testing various optical devices plays an essential role in...
Authors: Min Fang, Yi Min Liu, Wan Liu, Hui Chen
Chapter 1: Numbers, Intelligence
Abstract:Compressed Sensing (Compressed Sensing, referred to as CS) is a new theory of data acquisition technology. On sparse or compressible signals,...
Authors: Ming Zhang, Jiang Yu, Min Hua Wang, Chun Ying Qi
Chapter 1: Numbers, Intelligence
Abstract:By introducing ES (Expert System) of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and KP (Knowledge Processing), etc. into DSS (Decision Support system), the...
Authors: You Bing Zhang, Ya Hui Yang, Mu Lin Jiang, Peng Tao Xia, Bo Li
Chapter 1: Numbers, Intelligence
Abstract:According to the current actual situation of informatization in Commercial Vehicle Company of DF Motor Co., Ltd. , there exists such a...
Authors: Xiao Hui Zhang, Xi Ling Zhao
Chapter 1: Numbers, Intelligence
Abstract:In this paper, a newly design of pulse-wave data collection system continuously and non-invasion by using the means of clip-on transmission...
Authors: Jian Qiong Xiao
Chapter 1: Numbers, Intelligence
Abstract:Based on the foundation of prediction of networks security situation models, this article proposed a method about applying wavelet kernel...
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