Numbers, Intelligence, Manufacturing Technology and Machinery Automation

Volume 127

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Zhong Hu, En Rang Zheng

Abstract: With the unit capacity of the wind turbine is increasing, analyzing, suppressing of gird harmonic and reducing the grid harmonic pollution...

Authors: Rong San Chen, An Ping Liu, Shui Ming He, Xin Li Hu

Abstract: In this paper, we develop a numerical scheme with the fifth-order polynomial reconstruction satisfying two conservation laws for the linear...

Authors: Xin Ping Wang, Jian Jun Dang, Zhi Cao Zhao

Abstract: Based on the analysis of six kinds of working points, the process function of torpedo thermal power propulsion system is solved. The results...

Authors: Shun Hu Zhang, De Wen Zhao, Cai Ru Gao

Abstract: With MY (mean yield) criterion, the limit load of defect-free pipe elbow under inner pressure is analyzed, and an analytical solution is...

Authors: Xiao Ming Fu

Abstract: Metallic cobalt nanoparticles are successfully obtained by the pyrolytic decomposition of CoC2O4 . 2H2O in...

Authors: Ye Chao Zhu, Jiong Hui Mao, Fa Tang Tan, Xue Liang Qiao

Abstract: Low energy grain boundaries were considered to be important in abnormal grain growth by theoretical deduction. The disorientation angles and...

Authors: Ye Chao Zhu, Jiong Hui Mao, Fa Tang Tan, Ruo Ping Wang, Xue Liang Qiao

Abstract: Hot bands of Fe-3%Si steel containing 0.24%Cu were characterized to examine the precipitation of copper sulfides following different heat...

Authors: Xiao Ming Fu

Abstract: Violet tungsten oxide is prepared with pure ammonium paratungstate in the argon gas. Tungsten powder is obtained with violet tungsten oxide...

Authors: Hao Kang, Wu Di, Xian Ming Zhao

Abstract: Temperature of the head, the waist, the bottom and angle of the bottom of same heavy rail lying on the cooling bed is tested continuously,...

Authors: Rui Zeng, Chang Long Du, Jing Zhao, Rui Xu

Abstract: In order to make the switch valve in abrasive-liquid device of premixed abrasive water jet cutting system work normally, the sealing bush...


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