Numbers, Intelligence, Manufacturing Technology and Machinery Automation

Volume 127

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Jie Ma, Xue Wu Wang

Abstract: Based on the basic principles of biomineralization, calcium carbonate (CaCO3) which has specific shapes can be synthesized by the...

Authors: Guo Jun Liu, Shu Tao Zheng, Peter O. Ogbobe, Jun Wei Han

Abstract: From the practical viewpoint, the inverse kinematics and dynamics of a practical Stewart platform, the 6-UCU parallel manipulator, are...

Authors: Hui Yin, Yu Liang Luo, Yu Hao Deng, Hai Ping Zhu

Abstract: Aiming at the quality management issues in manufacturing enterprise, this paper establishes the product lifecycle quality management (PLQM)...

Authors: Jian Ping Jia, Jian Ping Chen, Yun Long Liu, Ya Qin Zhang

Abstract: Compared with the existing arc sensors, high speed rotating scanning arc sensor has up to 50 HZ rotating speed, and it can be much more...

Authors: Xiao Liang Shan, Jun Zhao, Rui Zhu, Yan Feng Kong

Abstract: HYDROX is a new kind of torpedo energy. According to its application possibility to thermal power torpedo, the application patterns, supply...

Authors: Heng Shi, Jin Sheng Dou, Shi Lin Yu

Abstract: The component and mission of CODOG propulsion system were analyzed in this paper. According to the mission variation, different operation...

Authors: Ying Wu

Abstract: For being convenient for researching the dynamic characteristic and the improvement and use of small shaper, for improving the dynamic...

Authors: Xiang Dong Shi, Shao Hua Shen, Cheng Wen Chai

Abstract: The design of the conjugate cams was analyzed in this paper, and the calculation process of conjugate cams profile data to meet the pressure...

Authors: Xiao Lei Che, Cheng Zhu, Nai Dan Wang

Abstract: This paper illustrates an intelligent testing system, designed in the requirement for the testing of compressed natural gas engine ECU. This...

Authors: Tao He, Ya Shuang Bai, Wen Juan Xu

Abstract: Hybrid automobile is pointed as the automobile with two kinds of power sources which include fossil energy supply and battery power source....


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