Numbers, Intelligence, Manufacturing Technology and Machinery Automation

Volume 127

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tao He, Qiu Fang Zhao, Ji Song Zang

Abstract: Along with the rapid economic development in China, productions and sales of automobiles are growing at a high speed .The rapid development...

Authors: Hui Wang, Sha Sha Du

Abstract: This paper describes the development of gear pumps and the main causes of noise,and establish the overall dynamic model of external gear...

Authors: Tao He, Li Xin Meng, Zhi Qiang Liu

Abstract: As technology and equipment improves, the horizontal directional driller was gradually accepted in the developed countries in the 1980s....

Authors: Wen Ming Cheng, Jia Liu

Abstract: Diesel engines are widely used in almost all walks of life and cannot be dispensed with in the near future, and common rail technology is...

Authors: Hong Ming Zhou, Guo Wen Liu

Abstract: The scanning mode of probes rotating at a high speed can make the ultrasonic testing for steel tubes much more efficient. However, the...

Authors: Qiu Fang Zhao, Tao He, Wen Juan Xu, Zhi Qiang Liu

Abstract: With the demand for the high performance, the vehicle handling stability is more and more attractive and becomes one main service...

Authors: Qiu Fang Zhao, Man Dun Jiao, Jian Qiang Xing

Abstract: In this paper, a virtual prototype model of the nonlinear vibration system is built by using the ADAMS(Automatic Dynamic Analysis of...

Authors: Xi Xia Liu, Lei Yuan, Yi Jin, Di Wu

Abstract: The article introduces the all-wheel steering technology development process and its characteristics of the wheeled armored vehicles. The...

Authors: Ying Peng

Abstract: This paper introduces the basic theory of thermal analysis and the use of SolidWorks Simulation and ANSYS Workbench to complete the...

Authors: Qiu Fang Zhao, Jian Qiang Xing, Tao He, Ao He

Abstract: The rupture of high pressure oil pipe is a typical fault of six-cylinder diesel engine. In this paper, the influence of the size of oil pipe...


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