Numbers, Intelligence, Manufacturing Technology and Machinery Automation

Volume 127

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gang Zheng, Ru Min Wang, Gao Yang Zhao, Xiao Jiao Yu

Abstract: A superplasticizer (WPS) was synthesized from waste plexiglas and sodium allysulfonate in this paper. Poly (methyl methacrylate-co-ethyl...

Authors: Peng Fei Dang, Li Jin Fang

Abstract: This paper establishes position error model based on parallel robot kinematics theory, and analyses position error of the 3-TPS hybrid...

Authors: Min Feng Hou, Li Ming Fu

Abstract: In automobile styling design, importing the concept of cultural bionics is a continuation and development for bionics design. This thesis...

Authors: Li Xin Meng, Xi Zhang, Jun Fei Li

Abstract: Overloads in coach buses creates more possibilities to cause serious traffic accidents and bring heavy loss and injuries to our country and...

Authors: Li Xin Meng, Xi Zhang

Abstract: The surfacing welding and brush plating are the commonly repairing technology when the components are wear or local damaged. Surfacing...

Authors: Yong Cun Guo, Gang Cheng, Kun Hu, Zhu Fen Wang

Abstract: Belt conveyor is widely used in mine, coal, chemical industry, ports, and power plants. It’s one of the significant devices of continuous...

Authors: Jun Wang, Tao Mei, Bin Kong, Xiang Dong

Abstract: For intelligent robots need reliable object recognition and precise orientation in complex environments, this paper presents a method that...

Authors: Shao Hua Shen, Xiang Dong Shi

Abstract: Aiming at the merit and shortcoming of gear's backlash, the paper analyzes several typical gear drivec adjust action regulation. Seeks for...

Authors: Jun Wang, Hai Li Zhang, Zhang Yue Su

Abstract: CAPP(computer aided process planning) is a key technology for integration of CAD and CAM. Process planning relies on manufacturing knowledge...

Authors: Gang Niu, Guo Shun Chen, Pei Yuan Wang

Abstract: Aimed at the characteristics that military electronic equipment has applied numerous technologies, many kinds of tested signals, the demands...


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