Numbers, Intelligence, Manufacturing Technology and Machinery Automation

Volume 127

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Cheng Nan, Jing Xu

Abstract: By use of function-behavior-structure-shape model, an analogy design method for mechanical products based on structure similarity is...

Authors: Ying Xing Xie, Zhi Gang Jin

Abstract: Using the traditional method of calculating the dynamic balance of mechanical design optimization, the efficiency is not high and the...

Authors: Chun Jing Liu, Dun Bing Tang, Hua He

Abstract: 20CrMnTi steel is usually employed in the fabrication of wearable parts subjected to medium dynamic load, such as change gear, gear shaft,...

Authors: Tun Dong Liu, Jing Chen, Hao Jiang

Abstract: The uncertainty of passenger volume is the bottleneck of modern elevator group-controlled system, which influences the optimization process...

Authors: Zhi Hui Hu, Ji Quan Hu

Abstract: Fatigue failure behaviors caused by wire ropes bending-over-sheaves are discussed in the paper. Stress conditions of wire ropes...

Authors: Zui Wei Xie, Xin Yue Wu, Qiang Wan

Abstract: The far-filed underwater explosive shock wave pressure and impulse is simulated by the FEM code LS-DYNA, and the simulation results are...

Authors: Xiu Min Cui

Abstract: C516 vertical lathe control circuit uses relay control method, which has disadvantages including large size, complex wiring, high failure...

Authors: Xiao Dong Kang, Gang Huang, Xian Li Cao, Xiang Zhou

Abstract: This paper takes the five –link concrete pump boom as the research object, and transforms its trajectory planning issue into a multi-object...

Authors: Yu Bin Xia, Zhong Wei Guo

Abstract: For the traditional machine vision, positioning algorithms are usually less efficient and more complex, the author proposes a relative...

Authors: Yu Li, Yong Zhi Li, Ding Fang Chen

Abstract: Among all the bulk conveying processes, how to effectively and conveniently put the bulk into the conveying process is regarded as one of...


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