Numbers, Intelligence, Manufacturing Technology and Machinery Automation

Volume 127

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: De Feng Du, Xiao Qin Jiang

Abstract: Torsional wave propulsion is different from transversal wave propulsion. Based on the characteristic feature of fin ray’s motion, we divide...

Authors: Xiao Huo Li, Wei Du, Zhi Long Huang, Wei Li Fu

Abstract: In order to solve serious damage of pick on part-face tunnel machine during hard rock cutting, explore the applicability of disc cutter on...

Authors: Hui Wang, Fei Yang

Abstract: Based on the modeling and simulation software 20-sim developed by Control Engineering Group in University of Twebte in the Netherlands, the...

Authors: Xiao Huo Li, Jiang Wei Cao, Shu Ming Liu, Chao Wang

Abstract: In view of the reality that the transport efficiency affected directly by fatigue failures on a carriage of a electric wheel self-dumping...

Authors: Xiao Huo Li, Shu Ming Liu, Zhi Long Huang, Wei Du

Abstract: In order to research the effects of shearer’ kinematical parameters on on-way distribution of dust on coal face, according to the theory of...

Authors: Liu Han, Ping He

Abstract: A cam design and manufacturing simulation system is developed for education. The system consists of some modules which can be easily...

Authors: Hai Bo Zhou, Rui Duo Li

Abstract: Cording to the measured data from the Fenshuiling tunnel of Lingnan freeway, the elastic modulus of tunnel surrounding rock and the...

Authors: Jie Qin, Xiao Yan Wang

Abstract: Change the aerodynamic characteristics of the flying object by controlling the canard deflection and achieve ballistic correction of the...

Authors: Hua Zhi Li, Qian Chao Liang, Han Guo Cui

Abstract: The configuration of a new swirlmeter is designed. The hollow cylindric fluid axial-symmetrically in cylindric pipe is analyzed, and then...

Authors: Jing Xu

Abstract: By analyzing of similar features of symbol part structure, the definition and calculation method of similar degrees of symbol part structure...


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