Numbers, Intelligence, Manufacturing Technology and Machinery Automation

Volume 127

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Wang, Wei Yu Zhang, Yi Qiang Pei

Abstract: Lean burn technology shows great potential in meeting the more strict emission regulation and realizing high efficiency and clean...

Authors: Hui Wang, Meng Li

Abstract: The main research is the dynamics characteristic of the shock excitation part of electro hydraulic control harmonic aging stress elimination...

Authors: Yu Hou, Jian Yi Kong, Xing Dong Wang

Abstract: An online monitoring method for the main drive system of rolling mill is studied in this paper. The monitoring objects are drive shaft...

Authors: Fang Jun Zhou, Yue Min Wang, Chuan Jun Shen, Feng Rui Sun, Hong Tao Zhang

Abstract: In this paper,application of defect detection by ultrasonic guided waves in springs has been studied in three aspects,which are theoretical...

Authors: Chao Ma, Bin Wang, Wen Bin Ma, Bing Wang, Ruo Lei Li

Abstract: For unequal diameter machining cylindrical cam profile based on double envelope principle, the practical profile equation and the profile...

Authors: Wen Bin Ma, Chao Ma, Gui Xing Zheng, Rui Zhao

Abstract: With distributed power access, Network reconfiguration and other technology, Traditional power system fault diagnosis and fault location of...

Authors: Wen Lin Liu, Guang Ming Kong, Zhi Tao Mu, Zhong Hu Jia, Da Zhao Yu

Abstract: Statistical analyses on fatigue crack growth threshold under three different stress ratios have been done. By the stratified random sampling...

Authors: Hui Wang, Meng Li

Abstract: The main research is the working conditions of the hydraulic vibrator with the frequency modulation rotary valve. Use the hydraulic...

Authors: Zhi Yu Wang

Abstract: The dominant asymptotic stress feild near the tip of a Mode-I crack of Yeoh-model-based rubber-like materials is determined. The analysis...

Authors: Bin Wang, Chao Ma, Bing Quan Wen

Abstract: This research is based on the project investigation and repeated discussion. The British standard BS7910 was the basic theory, and...


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