Experimental Research of Solar Wall in Building Application


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The paper investigated the efficient model of solar wall and the operation modes of solar wall system on buildings application, The construction of efficient solar wall was devised and experiment studied the operation effect. In order to find out the relationship between solar radiation and outlet air temperature, the air temperature change per unit solar radiation intensity (▽) was introduced. Study given: the system function or use of shade structures and architecture integration measures, relative to the building directly by the sun exposure, the surface temperature of building with the efficient solar wall can be achieved a more substantial cooling; the same time the system can be improved through natural convection air-conditioned room air quality will not result in excessive waste of energy. Solar radiation is the decisive factor in the process of heating air. to meet the requirement of indoor heating, the reasonable range of ▽ is 5.63-6.35, the optimum system wind velocity would be 3 m/s-7m/s.



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Zhixiang Hou






L. Qiu et al., "Experimental Research of Solar Wall in Building Application", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 128-129, pp. 1456-1459, 2012

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October 2011




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