Fuzzy Control System of Titanium Dioxide Hydrolysis Process


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Hydrolysis process is the key part of sulfuric acid method’s production technology of titanium dioxide, it is also the most rigorous part of the process control, and precipitate out the white hydration precipitation TiO2 from the mother liquor, and separate from other soluble metal sundry ions, further purify the TiO2. The quality of hydrolysis product not only affects the normal operation of the follow-up, but also affects the quality of the final product directly. This article do some study and design to the hydrolysis automatic control, use computer,DCS and PLC control the hydrolysis operation process, temperature control, steam heating system, That means comprised monitoring station by the DCS,CRT, mouse and keyboard replace the simulates panel and operator, and use the fuzzy theory control the hydrolysis temperature rise process, improve the accuracy and precision of the operating, at the same time, reduce the labor intensity of the workers, realize the automatic control of the hydrolysis process, stabilize and improve the product quality effectively



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Zhixiang Hou






R. F. Zhou et al., "Fuzzy Control System of Titanium Dioxide Hydrolysis Process", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 128-129, pp. 882-885, 2012

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October 2011




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