Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Zhuang Xiao, Xin Cai Yang, Hong Rui Wang, Kun Liu

Abstract: Focusing on personal balance ability evaluation, a method was developed to improve the dependency to many uncertainties, and to enhance...

Authors: Zhong Xun Wang, Xing Cheng Wang, Fang Qiang Zhu

Abstract: We researched BP decoding algorithm based on variable-to-check information residual for LDPC code (VC-RBP) in this paper. It is a dynamic...

Authors: Kai Jun Xu, Guang Ming Zhang, Yang Xu

Abstract: A kind of dual fuzzy neuro control algorithm (DFNC) for civil aviation aircraft intellegent landing system is developed in this paper. The...

Authors: Bo Fu, Lu Yu, Qiong Cheng, Xin Chen Cai, Xin Xing

Abstract: Maximum Power Point Tracking control method based on traditional fuzzy algorithm has disadvantages of slow response and unstable output. To...

Authors: Lu Yuan Tan, Qian Wang, Xiao Yan, Kai Yu Qin

Abstract: An automatic recognition algorithm for M-QAM based on the amplitude distribution is proposed. This algorithm uses the normalized amplitude...

Authors: Bo Fan, Xing Li, Jie Xin Pu, Jian Wei Ma, Ju Wei Zhang

Abstract: In order to solve the problem of integration saturation drift and hardship in compensation quantity calculation exist in rotor flux...

Authors: Hui Chen, Yao Wu, Man Zhao

Abstract: A self-calibration algorithm for concentric uniform circular arrays (C-UCA) in the presence of mutual coupling is presented. The proposed...

Authors: Ji Hui Liang, Li Li Xin

Abstract: It uses ADAMS software to establish the double wishbone suspension kinematics analysis model to analyze the rules of front wheel alignment...

Authors: Ying Wang

Abstract: In the transmission system of drive axle, the gears' transmission performance of final drive and differential is the key to transmission...


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