Calculation on the Internal Force of Deeply Buried Anti-Slide Pile by Using Finite Difference Method Based on the m-k Type Method


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In the past, when used the foundation coefficient to calculate the internal force of anti-slide pile, power series method is usually adopted. The deformation compatibility conditions and continuity conditions of sliding surface between non-anchoring section and anchoring section are exploited to determine the final result, causing the lengthy solution process and that there is no guarantee for the calculation accuracy. This paper uses the foundation coefficient method in the calculation of internal force of anti-slide pile and employs the “m-k” method with a more complicated up-down foundation structure to get the finite difference equation to determine the new-type deeply buried anti-slide pile displacement and internal force. Then the calculation on the internal force and displacement of the whole pile can be realized easily through the procedure method. Finally, this paper makes a contrastive analysis on the result of the finite difference method and finite element calculation through the case study. As long as the equal differential step length is small enough, the calculation accuracy can meet the demand of engineer design and the program graph processing result can optimize the design of anti-slide pile.



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Han Zhao




Q. Y. Fan et al., "Calculation on the Internal Force of Deeply Buried Anti-Slide Pile by Using Finite Difference Method Based on the m-k Type Method", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 130-134, pp. 128-134, 2012

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October 2011




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