Design of Semi-Physical Simulation for Small Satellite by Virtual Display


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Semi-physical simulation of attitude control system is the more synthetically test and verify for designing of small satellite control system. It is an important means of small satellite development. However, the results of current semi-physical simulation system have a lot of non-intuitive. Compare with the actual environment, the simulation environment still has striking disparity. So the shortcomings affect precision of simulation. Based on the virtual display technology, the group semi-physical simulation system has been constructed for attitude control of small satellite due to the combination with xPC real-time environment, the simulation computer, high-precision single-axis air-bearing turntable, reaction wheel, air thrust device, fiber gyroscopes, sensors synchronizer, power subsystem and wireless devices virtual display computer etc. Semi-physical simulation achieved the visual simulation in orbit and tracked new information of virtual environment of space into real-time simulation computer. Simulation results show that the simulation system for real-time attitude and orbit position of small satellite semi-physical simulation has an excellent display effect. At the same time, Real-time transfuse of orbit information provides a more accurate space environment simulation. The simulation system of small satellite attitude control to design and evaluate the more direct and convenient.



Edited by:

Han Zhao






K. Xu et al., "Design of Semi-Physical Simulation for Small Satellite by Virtual Display", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 130-134, pp. 2684-2687, 2012

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October 2011





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